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S Tear off this page to keep for your information Part 1 About you and your partner Before you complete this form please read the notes sheet which tells you about all types of help you can get from the Social Fund. Use this form to apply for a Budgeting Loan. Sign and date any alterations you make. This is my application for a Budgeting Loan. Date The person who made the claim for Income Support income-based Jobseeker s Allowance that benefit or entitlement should sign and date this form. I...
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Hi my name is Janice from Pina investor calm today I'm going to show you how to apply for sss salary loan online in my previous videos I showed how to register for your SSS online account and on the other video I showed you how to check your SSS contributions online laying the money Papaji Tahoma information about salary loans and how to apply for salary loan through their website actually ki Fateh Okinawa is because marabi pardon and India where no American facility SSS online where we can apply for salary loans non-indian a nightingale informal Tessa branch and we also have a lot of tutorials on YouTube at SSS website oom-pah-pah no gointo pero marami parent Angela Moore Minami / in hindi naka kita animal tutorials natto so I hope kpop on Omaha - long video Neto para bellum a new young local saloons Nong SSS at how to apply for salary loans ok so let's start so this is the official website of SSS very show corner and boom pop Anoka appointment as a website so first of all we need to have an internet browser so right now I'm using Internet Explorer because that's what they recommend so I'm going to open a new tab and I'm going to type SSS that go of that th okay so this is the official website of the Philippine social security system so sub H net auditors at the as Nandita Yuma menus so I'm going up in the netting islands Gazeta Yokohama nothing so loans member loans and then salary loans okay click on align your salary alone okay so so page 808 oh you mean overview now loans so salary loans overview so it tells us now and salary loan is a cash loan granted to unemployed currently paying employed or voluntary member so it is intended to meet the members short-term credit needs but it's overview long toe so you next tab either young eligibility requirements beacon Ababa Sahin bisaya nearly long if you have time everything is here in Amman and on the third tab it's how to apply so indeed EMI application requirements and filing procedures so Nandi Tallahassee on-air clicking lay on how to apply embed messaging in an animal application requirements at lot number who the fourth tab is loan details so dito my kita new young loan amount you more information then repayment term and schedule of payment in the cannot involve a scientist I Bahama gamma Liepaja so my interest and penalty then service fee loan renewal responsibilities of employer responsibility of member borrower deduction event paid loan from benefits and other conditions so Latin and Ito Bassanio nella okay so yeah an information now tail animal Amin before Kamaka apply for the salary loan not offering and SSS so tt9 ID token pasaje or qualified Pocoyo pork on coulomb fine hindu log no or go and open kala onion go in or omit para ma qualify to apply for a salary known okay so once the bass onion again we will then go back to the main page or your home page young philippine social security system the website at the UN and assuming the marinade on user ID and password apixaban no cop agree...